• Charles Moore

Don’t Be A Fake Christian:

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

You've heard the expression that birds of a feather flock together or if it sounds like a duck then it probably is. So many expressions and they're nothing less than warning signs to keep us safe. In our spiritual lives it's not all that easy and if it wasn't for the presence of God in our lives then where would we be? The song we used to hear as a child that reminds us that the devil is a sly old fox yes a sly old fox is he. No matter what the situation is in life, the devil can dress himself up to look like everything we would ever want. Yes he IS a sly old fox and he wants to not only pull a fast one on you but yet pull you as far away from God as he can. He knows how to disguise himself in order to make a little white lie look like nothing else but the truth. The majority of the world is following his disguise and are being led down this long dark smokey road of destruction. The bible teaches of only two ways to follow in life with one being straight and narrow and leads to life eternal with God or the other is a wide yet crooked path that leads to eternal separation from God. Which way have you been led toward today? Don't be deceived by the devil and his evil tactics. I'm glad to report that God loved us so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins. No longer do I live in the bondage of sin but I live in the Righteousness of Christ Who lives inside of me. Jesus died for you, do you know Him as Lord of your life? If not then ask Him into your heart today so I can see you Heaven too. God bless!!

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