• Charles Moore

You Got This: Many decisions are made on this date every year in hopes of a better life for the coming year. Some decide to turn over a new leaf while others just decide to turn 180 degrees. So many things people want to do: Diet or eat healthier Exercise more Lose weight Save more / spend less Learn a new skill or hobby Quit smoking Read more and the list goes on and on. All of these things are good and have their place and I say “Press On” my friend. However..... for those of you who have tried year after year to do better on something and you seem to always quit somewhere along the way, I say to you “Be Encouraged” for you can do this! Perhaps what you may be dealing with is more personal in nature. A relationship has gone bad or someone has hurt you and yes you may have hurt someone. Some have said behind every problem is a solution and your solution just may involve a little extra digging to make it right again. But You Can Do This!!! You may need to be the one to make the first move but you can do it. And BTW.. you’re not alone in this for if Christ was the reason for the season of Christmas then He should be the reason now in this New Year. Remember standing somewhere in the shadows you’ll find Jesus. You Got This! God Bless!

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