• Charles Moore

You Are Worth Something: I pull a brand new shiny dime out of my pocket and lay it on the table. I then accidentally find a dime in the dirt that has perhaps been there for a long time, pick it up and put it on the table. It may be easy to say the shiny dime is worth ten cents. Is it any different with that dime that been in the ground for so long, you can’t recognize it to be a dime, at least without cleaning it up. Of course it’s worth ten cents, and it might be worth more than that after you clean it up. What is the worth of one person compared to another? Sure, their are those who think they are so much better than someone else. Most of the time people like that are very arrogant and don’t even see it themselves. God Himself sees no one any better than anyone else. That’s why when Jesus said “whosoever will”, that included me as well as it included you. God didn’t see have much I have or didn’t have to decide His love for me. I’m glad He loved me exactly as I was. Even in my unlovable state Jesus loved me and gave Himself for me on the cross of Calvary. There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus... no not one.,, no not one. Call on Him today for He loves you my friend. You are worth something to God. I say to you today... God Bless You!!

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