• Charles Moore

When God Says No:

From a very young age, perhaps as an infant, we are taught to pay much attention when we hear the words “yes” or “no”. In many cases we know as parents it could be a difference between life and death. Not too long ago I heard a profound truth that stuck with me so I’d like to share it. Of the many times our parents said to us “yes”… or said “no”, it is our response to be word “no” that shows what kind of character we are made of. It also shows how mature we are in our response to “no”. In the Christian walk this is true when God speaks to us as well. When God seems to give us a positive command we are apt to go for it much easier and quicker than if God says no. Once again when we respond to God negatively as He says “no”, we immediately present to those around us bad character and a lack of Christian maturity. Above and beyond that, it displeases God even if no one else notices. His eyes are not blind in His sight toward us and His arm has no problem in reaching us if He needs to get our attention. How has God directed us in life and how have we responded? If we were to stand before God in just a few minutes, would we hear Him say “well done?”…

I encourage you in the Lord to let’s make our calling and election sure. This might be the day Jesus takes us home. May God bless.

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