• Charles Moore

Where’s The Gospel: I have listened intently to many who have informed me they have a vision for the church. It doesn’t take you long to see if their vision is coming from God or if it is a man-made vision. Are we out to please God and His will or are we just looking out for ourselves. I ask this question as I begin here because it appears that we’ve lost the “True Gospel“ somewhere. The vision that most have today could be called ”man-pleasing” instead of God pleasing. The problem is that the vision has been overlaid with so much religious material that it is hard to tell the difference. We are raised up being taught to be careful what we choose in life yet we’re not being taught how to tell the difference. In so many ways we have been blinded by this “form of godliness” and we’re not even close enough to God to realize that their is no power with it. Nothing is wrong with praise (even in song) but I believe we have forgotten how to kneel down before Him as well. Folks, if we can go to church with sin in our lives and act as though we are worshiping God and live exactly the same way as we live, God’s not a million miles of it. We need to put the “Gospel” back in our churches and back in our lives. If this is for you I say turn back to Jesus for He still loves you.

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