• Charles Moore

What Wisdom Is Not:

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I'm not the only one in life who relished the thought of having wisdom. Wisdom to say the right thing or do what is right thing at the right time. That kind of wisdom that glows so that others around can see it when it shines. I recently heard it said that wisdom is not for the curious it is for the serious. It does matter what comes out of your mouth but how about what comes from your heart? What desires are in your heart at this moment? Whatever is in there will decide if your wisdom grows... or goes. Wisdom is not for those who want it but for those who can't live without it. We have plenty of folks who know how to open mouth and insert foot or knows how to step forward and trip over the tree they just planted. Wisdom shows restraint in our walk and talk which otherwise might turn to be a disaster. The older I get the more I realize that I can't properly live a Godly life without first realizing that I can't live without God in it. In order to please God I must look to Him in all things. True wisdom is not man-made, it comes from the Lord completely. Wisdom is not for those willing to hear about it, but for those willing to practice it. People believe the opposite of ignorance is knowledge when in reality it is disobedience. Turn to the Lord while He is near. God Bless U!

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