• Charles Moore

What Opinion Matters?

An individual on "LinkedIn" recently expressed his grief on what he saw as an increase of political comments and opinions on the professional social platform and felt like it should not be there and it needed to stop. Even though he meant well, it still didn't take long for the backlash in lieu of his comments to appear. When it comes to social media, no matter what platform, expression is a part of living. Several people agreed with this gentleman while others were quick to help educate him with their words of wisdom. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and their right to express, but indeed you've have to agree that over the last several years it's been elevated to a much personal level. In most everything their is a right way and their is a wrong way to approach anything but in today's society it can be hard to know the right way, the wrong way, or if they want it their way or the highway. It was once said that the reason such hostility is in our land is not because we have broken the 15,000 to 50,000 federal laws of the land but because we failed to obey the first 10 laws given to us on tablets of stones so many years ago. We have managed to mingle everything right with everything wrong and we make ourselves to believe that we have a good blend but in reality the coffee really sucks. It would be good for us to go back and look at those 10 commandments that Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai. Each of those commandments taught the Children of Israel how to look toward God in every area of their lives. Nowadays it has become an "I" generation and what "I" can get out of it and God ain't within reach of hardly any of it. Wide is still the road to destruction and many will be that finds it, while narrow is still the path to life and few will be the number who finds it. Folks, we need to refocus our sights and even more than that our hearts on God and His expectation of us. If we want our nation in a better place and this world in a better place, then, we better put God in a better place in our hearts. Of all the things we can find in our hearts, why is God not in the center of it all? God is the solution through His Son Jesus. May Turn to Him Today. God Bless!

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