• Charles Moore

We’re Never To Forget: 09/11/2001

All of our lives we’re forever changed on 09/11/2001 when four planes were hijacked by foreign terrorists and crashed into both of the twin towers in New York, the Pentagon and one crashing in a field in Pennsylvania probably headed to the White House. Nearly 3000 people died in lieu of those attacks on that day which drove a nation into grief and despair. From that day on much of our joy, happiness and song of praise as a nation we’re stripped from us. Our hearts were held captive from that time on as our promise to ourselves was never to forget what happened on that dreadful day. I am reminded of Psalms 137:2 which says “we hung our harps on the willows.“ This reminds us of when Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon, in 597 BC, attacked Jerusalem and took them captive. Many Jews were killed on that day and many more were taken prisoner and held captive. The Jews had lost their will to sing and to rejoice as they could not worship their God. Folks, they were in bondage to someone else. They took their harps of music and set them aside because of the hurt in their hearts. God had not forgotten His people the Jews and God has not forgotten us in this day and hour. God was waiting on His people to turn back to Him back then and He is waiting for you today. Have you hung your harps of faith on the willows of your soul or are you ready to turn to the Master today in obedience to Him? Jesus is waiting for you my friend. May God Bless!!

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