• Charles Moore

We Need To Seek Jesus:

I remember back in 1974 I was sent to Okinawa, Japan for my first tour of duty. The flight had taken over 20 hours by the time we arrived. As we circled over Naha Air base preparing to land, I remember looking out the plane window and thinking to myself were going back in time 40 years. Even as a new comer to the Island I could tell not much was done to modernize Okinawa since WWII. I learned quickly that the people of the Island seemed to be content with life the way it was and to develop it would erase history as they knew it. I was 18 years old then and now I am 65 years old. History has become so unimportant as compared to when I was in the Marines 45 years ago. It has been said so many times that those who forget history is apt to repeat it and how true this is. God has also given us the ability to look back at our lives and see what changes need to be applied. As it is with nations so it applies to us as individuals. Folks, we do need to get back to the old paths spoken to us in God’s Holy Word. We’ve strayed way to far from what God expects and time is running out so we need to seek Him. Seek Jesus while He May be found for tomorrow may be too late. God Bless!!

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