• Charles Moore

We’ll Be Gone

It was early in the morning for the sun hadn’t risen as yet. The moon in its fullness just sitting there, (with what appeared to be a smile on its face), as the sun made its appearance for that day. The moon was in such a position with the sun that you could see a bright ring around the whole circle of the moon. I got up from my seat and took this picture and it was just in time for approximately 20 minutes later I looked again toward the moon... and it was gone, nowhere to be seen. Without the sun I would have never had seen that moon in the first place.

As Christians, we are like the image I have given here. There is a world looking straight at us, expectant to see a glow from the Son of God and a smile on our face because of the Christ who lives within us. Rise and shine my Brothers and Sisters for God is still on his Throne.

As that moon disappeared from sight so quickly, so we will disappear from this world when Jesus calls us home. Are you ready to go to Heaven? May God Bless!!

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