• Charles Moore


Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Https:// As irritating as it seems at times, I appreciate warning signs. Warning signs are there to help you and depending on the given situation it could save your life. Yet having said that, again I say to you that they are meant to be a help as well as a life saver if need be. I have learned on my own how sad things can turn out in ignoring signs. Many a time someone has made a choice to ignore a warning... and well... they ate of that fruit anyway, and the rest became history. Life as we know it is temporal to say the least and you can tell that by all the graveyards around and how people continually die to go to one. That’s pretty much where my thought is today. If I knew someone was in danger of something and took upon myself not to say anything about it, shame on me. My decision to warn is as important as my decision to heed to one. Some have said that two things you can count on in life is death and taxes. Death may sound so final and cold but it’s there somewhere and we all need to prepare for it. It has been said that “we are not promised a tomorrow” yet we don’t even pay attention to that anymore. My friend, I don’t know what your life consists of right now but I want to tell you that even though you may have missed a lot of God’s warning signs, He still loves you. Nothing you can do will stop God from loving you. It’s not important at this point what everyone else thinks, it’s all about Him not us. I am asking you to give God a try for He cares for you. Don’t ignore this warning sign and look away, just look toward Jesus for He is looking your way right now. May God Bless!!

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