• Charles Moore

He Sat Down and Taught Them

In Matthew 5 we read a chapter that is known as the Beatitudes. I like to see it as our "attitude" toward God and sin. We find ourselves either "Blessed" as we follow God's way or "cursed" because we chose sin. As I was reading Matthew 5 this morning, the Lord repeatedly took me back to verse 1. "And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him:" The Lord saw the multitudes that day as He still does today. The Lord knew that if He sat down in a certain place, His disciples would come to Him. The Lord also knows those ones who will not come to Him when He decided to stay a while and teach them something. Could you imagine yourself on a hill somewhere listening to the Creator of all things as He teaches you something you haven't heard before? As I think on this thought of the "beatitudes", I cant' help but ask myself a question: "What is my ATTITUDE toward God and his Son?" And I ask my readers the same question here: "What is your ATTITUDE toward God and His Son?" If Jesus were to sit down nearby and prepare to speak, would you go to where He is and learn of Him? Would you listen to Him gladly? Not everything we hear from God's Word is Milk and Honey. but all is for our good. Turn to Jesus today and be Blessed! He Loves You!

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