• Charles Moore

Keep praying!!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

In the Old Testament scripture, one of the Minor Prophets was by the name of Habakkuk. Their is a thought that comes to mind in each of the three chapters of the book. Each one represents us today as we look to God each day in prayer for one thing or another. In the 1st chapter Habakkuk cries to the Lord “How long will I cry unto thee, and thou hearest my not.” In the second chapter we find Habakkuk with these words “I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and watch to see what He will say unto me.”And finally , in the third chapter Habakkuk speaks these words, “Oh Lord I have heard thy speech and was afraid, oh Lord revive thy work in the midst of the years, make known in wrath remember mercy.”

Now, let’s combine this together:

Do you ever feel like you have prayed over and over again for the same request and never get an answer? Well that’s what Habakkuk did in chapter one. He’s wanting to know how long he must pray and God not hear him. We see in chapter two he waited patiently on the Lord to answer and to see what the Lord would say. Now finally in chapter three he finally got the answer and guess what, he was afraid because of the answer. If there is ever a time to just trust God it is now. Continue praying and trust God for He will come through for you. Do you know the Lord today? If not then ask Christ Jesus into your heart right now. God Bless

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