• Charles Moore

Through Sunshine and Rain:

This morning I went into the kitchen and got my coffee and slowly made my way to the front door in the living room. As I open the front door to go sit on the front porch for my morning coffee, I find it is raining outside. My hearing is not the best whereas a person with good hearing would have already known it was raining. I stepped outside and into the chair with my coffee I sit. I remember thinking to myself that this morning the birds will be sleeping in late so will all the other animals. I was hardly there a couple of minutes when a hummingbird came flying by. Then a few seconds later another came by in the same direction. It looked as though they were chasing each other to the two hummingbird feeders which I have on either side of the house. Within just a few minutes I see a squirrel climbing up the power pole and just sitting there for about 5 minutes or so before heading back down. The gloom of the morning was being replaced with life going on as usual. Looking toward the East for a glimpse of the sun but of course only rain. So what is this rambling all about? Well let me tell you if I can. Life’s unexpected events may rain down on us when we least expect it. The clouds of life may block the sunshine we wish was shining through. Above every cloud the sun still shines and everything still moves according to God’s plan. What may catch us off guard on this side of eternity is just another event on God’s calendar of days. We can praise Him in the sunshine and we can praise Him in the rain but you really can’t praise Him at all if you’ve never been born again In Jesus Name. Make sure you know Him today!

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