• Charles Moore

Those Cloudy Days

A day that begins with those dark thick clouds in the sky, if we aren’t careful, can be a start of a unpredictable day. Most of the time it all begins with where our mindset is at the moment we look up. Strange as it may sound, many times we lay the groundwork ourselves for how our day will go. It’s sort of like using the sky as a horoscope to predict your day and it has hardly begun. STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

Clouds aren’t there to evaluate our day or to give a a bad one, but they are there for a purpose. As clouds produce rain to quench the thirst of the earth below, it also produces thunderings and lightnings to help get our attention to be careful in our surroundings. God had a purpose in mind for everything He created and God also has a purpose for you today. No, not everyday is going to be sunshine and rainbows and lollipops, but it can be the best we can make it not just for ourselves, but others around us as well. Keep looking up, those blue skies are still above those clouds. May God Bless!!

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