• Charles Moore

The Woman of Shunem

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

There is a story in scripture concerning a wealthy woman of a small village named Shunem. The Prophet Elisha oftentimes would stop by to rest there on his journeys. The woman was careful to make sure the needs of the prophet of God was met. She even had a small bedchamber built for him to rest in when he came by. The Bible goes on to say that because of the kindness shown him by this Shunemite woman, the Prophet Elisha allowed her to have a child born unto her by the help of the Lord. The child grew to be a young lad and was able to help in the field. One day the child grew sick unto death and when the child died the woman did not bury the child but took the child to the bedchamber she had built for the Man of God, laid him on his bed and went out. She went and found the Man of God who when he saw her asked her these three questions: (1) Is it well with thee? She answered it is well. (2) Is it well with thy husband? She answered it is well. (3) Is it well with thy son? She answered It Is Well. Folks, her child was back home dead but she had faith to believe that God would do a miracle for that child. Dear reader, times may be hard right now, but God is still in control of it all. God may not grant us all our wishes, but what He gives is exactly what we need for that time. You can trust God, and that is what I encourage you to do today. And BTW...the Prophet Elisha raised that child back to life.You Can Trust God for He is worthy!! May God Bless!!

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