• Charles Moore

The Unexpected

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

It’s funny how when I was younger I used to never worry too much concerning certain things. Now that I am older, I seem to have a smorgasbord of worries that I can’t get rid of. The reason I believe this is because I know that I have less years before me than I have behind me. Time has become a precious thing to me for I never know when it might end. Of course I know “time” itself rolls right on along even after I’m gone, but my life alone only has so many days attached to it. With that thought in mind, it seems like we’d be more prepared for the unexpected whenever it takes place. You never know if you’re ready for whats around the corner till it’s there. Life is full of surprises with some good and some not so good. God is there and will see us through even if we don’t feel Him. And if you cant feel God.... you can trust Him for He is faithful who promised. What’s unexpected to us is never unexpected to God. Trust Him

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