• Charles Moore

The tower of Babel:

Not too long ago I read in Genesis 11 concerning the building of the Tower of Babel. Their was only one language on the earth. and the people had decided to get together and build a tower that could reach up unto the heaven. In other words, they wanted to build a structure such as never been built before. The Lord came down from Heaven to see the city as well as the tower which they were building. He knew that because their was only one language and the people were in one accord to do this thing, He had to step in. So in order to stop this that was going on, the Lord changed their speech from just one language to many different languages. No longer could they understand each other and therefore the work stopped. The Lord had His reasons for those people not to build that tower. Well... it's been approximately 4000 years later, and the people of this earth still have plans to reach as close to the stars as possible. Even though their are so many languages still today, because of advanced technology, we can understand each other as though we are of the same language. All we have to do is use our app on our iPhone or some program on our computer and we can communicate on the other side of the world. How far will the Lord allow us to advance this time before He steps in again? ummm?

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