• Charles Moore

The Scars

The Bible tells us a story in 2 Samuel 4:4, of Mephibosheth who was five years old when both his father and grandfather died at the Battle of Mount Gilboa. After Saul and Jonathan had died, Mephibosheth's nurse took him and fled in panic. As she ran, the child fell, or was dropped while fleeing. The young child became lame on his feet for the rest of his life. Some time later King David wanted to bless someone within the Household of Saul and it turned out that Mephibosheth was to be that one. To look at Mephibosheth from the outside you’d know he was crippled. When you placed him at the Kings table he looked as everyone else. And that’s exactly what happened to you and I who are saved, for we were crippled by sin but God’s table of Grace covers all our ugliness of sin when we slide our legs under the table prepared to eat. I’ll end with this thought if I may. Not too long ago I watched online as a young Marine who had lost 3 of his limbs in battle trying to serve himself food and drink at a dinner. Three high ranking Marines helped him in order to make sure that Marine had what he was in need of. When we see that Marine out of uniform then we see what war did to him. The uniform covers those battle scars, so Christ’s blood covers our sin. Https://

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