• Charles Moore

The Joyful:

Their is an old gospel favorite that has been sung down through the years that says: “We have heard the joyful sound Jesus saves Jesus saves; Spread the tidings all around Jesus saves Jesus saves.” It was recorded in scripture that the majority of mankind would end up in a place called Hell. It says that wide is the gate that leads to destruction and many their be that find it. The Bible also says that narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life and few their be that find it. Folks, it goes back to what makes you happy. Their is a joy in just doing your own thing in life even if it means pushing God aside to get it. I pray you will not push The Lord Jesus aside to find happiness in your life, for the only true peace you’ll ever find is in Him. This world and what it offers is temporary but what Jesus offers is eternal. If you don’t know Christ as Lord of your life then ask Him into your heart today. He is waiting...

May God Bless!!

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