• Charles Moore

The Initials of George Washington

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Recently my wife and I took a couple of days away and drove to the historic town of Lexington, Va., mainly to see the “Natural Bridge“ near Lexington. One of the first places we visited was an antique mall which has much to look at yet nothing caught our eye to buy. The next morning we drove on to the Natural Bridge and after arriving we begin following the trail that led to the bridge. All of it was so beautifully situated with mountains and streams and of course the Natural Bridge in the midst of it all. While beneath the bridge I was informed by someone near by that George Washington (in 1751) had put his initials “GW” about 26 feet above the stream on the side of the mountain heading upwards toward the Natural Bridge. I looked across the way and there it was marked off for all to see. I got so excited, wishing I could go up there and touch it for myself. Just being near where George Washington had been in 1751 was really something to me and I was beside myself at that point. I mean to tell you I was BESIDE MYSELF!!

I could just picture in my mind George Washington scaling up that mountain and taking time to plant his “GW“ on that stone wall beneath that bridge. As I thought on these things, and making my way through the park, the Lord touched my heart and I began to think about my relationship with the Lord. Was I also as excited about being where the Lord was or where the Lord had been in my life to want to be there and even touch the place where He had been? I was so excited about being so close to where George Washington was... am I that excited to be where Jesus was in my life now? Not many will read this and feel it important to their lives. What George Washington did that day in 1751 as he put his “GW” on that stone was for himself. All that Jesus has done has been for you and me. It has been etched in my heart and I’m excited about it! Have a great day and may God bless!

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