• Charles Moore

The Giver of Life:

“put what face upon it the community will, disguise it under whatever name you please, you can make no more or less of it than simple murder.” – e. frank howe, from the sermon "antenatalinfanticide", 1869

Their was a time in the beginning when man knew that LIFE originated from a Holy God. In the beginning man also knew that DEATH came as a result of disobedience toward God. Nonetheless man over time has taken it upon himself to see life as well as death as a means of survival upon which God has no say in the matter. It’s a though man had created life and created death and has the power to decide which one goes where and that God has no say so. Their was a time when we would remember Jesus telling us that we cannot enter Heaven unless we come before Him as a child. But we have removed the importance of the child in the home as a blessing and man has replaced them as a curse that interrupts their lifestyles. No longer is the birth of a child a blessing in the eyes of God but has become a curse in the eyes of man. Yet my friends, God has not changed in His look on life nor death. Life stills comes through the Lord Jesus Christ and His death on Mt Calvary nearly 2000 years ago as well as His resurrection on that 3rd day. And death still comes as a result of disobedience toward God. Jesus says “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest“. For all the decisions in this world we can still go to God and He will lead us in the right way. Trust God today! May God Bless!!

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