• Charles Moore

The Devil Believes:

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

“I am persuaded the devil believes more of the Bible than most of us do.”

Excerpt From

The Method of Grace

George Whitefield

How much do we really believe what God’s Word says to us? So many times our lips say one thing yet our actions speak an entirely different thing to the world. We say we believe the Bible from cover to cover until we decide to skip over a portion that rubbed our fur the wrong way. Everyone I speak to, no matter where they come from or their walk of life, has something to say about what the Bible means on a certain subject. And again, so many times, it comes from a heart who needs to feel good about their lifestyle so that the interpretation they have blends in. Sometimes they appear to be right according to scripture while other times it goes directly against Bible teaching. When I think of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness, I remember that everything the devil tempted Jesus with was with the Word of God. And every response to the devil from Jesus was also with the Word of God. The devil is a sly old fox when it come to twisting the Bible yet I believe he knows that Bible real good and I believe better than most all of us. Folks, I encourage you to stay in the Word of God as much as possible. The more you know the more you can war off the attacks of Satan in Jesus name. Stay Bible Read and Stay Prayed Up Till Jesus Comes. May God Bless!!

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