• Charles Moore


Updated: Jun 15, 2020

What is peace to you when it comes to a little relaxation? As I write this I am sitting on the deck of our hotel room looking out over the waterway across the street from where we are staying. For the next few hours the skies are expected to be mostly clear with a gentle breeze and temperatures around 75. Boats are actively moving in and out of the harbor with no problems and life seems to be great. Folks are happily strolling by whether on foot or bicycle and I repeat, life is good. At this point you'd have no reason to expect any change, so life goes on as is. In the meanwhile I decide to look at the weather for our coastal area. Guess what... clouds moving in and so is the rain. By looking outside I would not have imagined it to turn that way but then again... the weather person has spoken. They may miss it ever so often but on the most part they are pretty close and we need to depend on them.

Life as we see it each day is exactly the same way. You wake up feeling as happy as can be with everything going great and no reason to think anything will change. And then.. just like rain... unexpectedly it begins to pour. Life brings with it a drastic change that you weren't expecting, but here it is. Folks, God is like that weatherman who prepares you, but he never misses. TRUST GOD!

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