• Charles Moore

Subtility: When you hear the word “subtility” it is that one word that can run chills up and down your spine depending upon the situation at hand. The partial definition of Subtility according to Wiktionary: Cunning, craftiness. A cunning scheme; a trick, a con. For someone to be cunning and crafty at what they do is a good thing to say the least. Yet, when you add the word “scheme“ or “trick” and even worse than that the word “con”, you may have reason for concern. (Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.)

Genesis 3:1 KJV

Isn’t strange that the Lord specifically calls out the serpent as the most “subtil“ of all creatures He had created. Yet we find in scripture that Eve had no problem conversing with him. We know that it was Satan who was speaking to Eve through the serpent. Somewhere along the line the serpent had to allow himself to be used of the devil. The rest became history as sin was brought into the world and it’s been downhill since for mankind. Being crafty and cunning in what you do is a good thing as long as your pride doesn’t get in the way. Many times pride arrives right before a fall. Folks, we’re not anything without God in our life. Keep God in the center of what you do. God bless!

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