• Charles Moore

Some Things Never Change:

Updated: Aug 23, 2021 As amazing as it may sound, their are still things that haven’t changed in approximately six thousand years. The world is still turning on its axis. Morning and evening still exists on time each day. Their are four seasons that arrive each year and on the same time frame. Hot still burns while cold still freezes. These things I mentioned here are a given when it comes to what we expect of them each day. They all happen like clock work because God intended it’s to be that way. On the other hand man has never been able to accomplish such with himself. Sure we come up with great ideas ever so often that we call inventions or creations but after a while they too wear out. Whatever God does though certainly lasts as well as whatever He says. I said all that to say this that you can still trust God. Sometimes you may not be able to feel God, but you CAN ALWAYS TRUST HIM no matter what you are going through. He’s only a prayer away so don’t just sit there.... pray!! May God Bless!!

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