• Charles Moore


My wife works as a Director for a daycare here in town where she is has been for several years. They have seventy or more children enrolled so everything that is done has to be a certain way and most of the time their are no exceptions to that rule. I don’t remember too many days (if any) that my wife would come home telling me what an easy day it was. I have always been amazed at how much she remembers at any given time. It’s not just a job for her as you can tell because of her loyalty to all of the children, parents and staff as well as visitors who may visit the center. Their are certain things that happen through out the week. For example on Tuesday it is called “Taco Tuesday” so ummmmmm I wonder why?

We’ll figure it out at lunch time Tuesday. Sometimes all we need is a reminder to keep us on the right track of things. I prefer to call them “benchmarks”. We all should set boundaries (benchmarks) for ourselves. Why we feel like everything has got to be done yesterday I don’t understand. But their are timeframes we do have to be concerned with. We recently had to go to a funeral of 2 family members who was killed in an automobile accident. Neither knew what was around that curve ahead of them. If they were here now knowing what was to happen to them, what changes would they make? What would really be important to them? Folks, we’re only here for a while then we’re gone. What kind of legacy will we leave behind? Life is short but eternity is forever. Be your best daily. God bless!!

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