• Charles Moore

Our Plans/God’s Purpose

Updated: Dec 26, 2019 I recently found this picture on someone’s LinkedIn page. It explains so much how man thinks. Continually making plans for another day. Every objective is to complete another task while all along not really having any idea at all what lies before them. We certainly try to have purpose in each of our endeavors but our mind is not set on go to know everything. Because of this it is certain that while many surprises lurk from every direction in life to slow down or even stop them from accomplishing their goals, they continue to press on. Their mind full of plans to get things done while the true purpose of getting those things done are pushed aside. Sometimes with our best intentions at hand we will fail and come short of our goals. We have many plans... but what’s the purpose? I’m here to let you know that where we have failed in our purpose, God still has purpose and He has a purpose for your life and mine as well. So many times we’ve fallen on our faces because we had a lot of plans.... with no purpose. God has a purpose for your life and He‘ll never fail in that purpose. His purpose will always stand.

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