• Charles Moore

Our Heavenly Home

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Many have questioned at times just where Heaven might be. Have you ever wondered that before? I’ve heard several opinions from one thing to another and I have my own thought about it also. My house faces towards the North and at night you can easily see the North Star up there if you use the Big Dipper to find it. I believe Heaven is toward the North and I’ll explain why If I can. Those that know anything about the North Star knows that everything in the sky rotates around that Star. This includes all the stars and the planets, yet the North Star is always stationary; it never moves.

Everything that exists in creation exists because of God. Life itself exists because of God. Therefore everything that exists rotates around the existence of a Holy God who created it all. So it stands to reason that God is in the center of all things and all things rotate around Him. So I do believe God’s Heaven is towards the North where He is in the center of it all and again I say it all rotates around Him. Yes, I believe as I look at the North Star, I’m looking toward God’s Heavenly Home. I am glad that one day it will be my home as well. All made possible because God sent His Son to this earth to redeem fallen man from sin and corruption. Are you in that number today? May God Bless!!

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