• Charles Moore

One Bad Apple:

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

When you pluck off a juicy apple to eat and you notice that one of them has gone bad, you don't cut down the whole tree, instead you pluck off the bad apple and look for a good one to take it's place. One bad apple may not ruin the whole tree but it can affect those near by, so it needs to be removed. Their was a time when all fruits of all trees were good and had no bad fruit. I am reminded of a time about 6000 years ago when God made the first man and woman of the earth and placed them in a garden to live. This man and woman were Adam and Eve and they had all they needed right there in that garden. Many fruit trees were in the garden at that time and they were told that they could eat of them all, except one in the midst of the garden. They were specifically told that if they ate of that tree they would die. Man has always had the power of choice and unfortunately they chose to eat of that tree anyway after being tempted to do so by the serpent. That's when sin entered into the world because of disobedience and we've been in it for 6000 years. Their was something about that tree that seemed to draw man to it and because of it they fell headway into sin. Still today, man is drawn toward sin and yet in every sin God has a remedy through His Son Jesus. I ask, do you know the Lord? Where are your affections and what are you being drawn to in life? Sin is just like that tree 6000 years ago in the Garden of Eden, in that, it gives to you a desire to want to have even when you've been warned to stay away form it. Folks, God gave His Son Jesus to die on an old rugged cross to take away that sin from you. I did not say you would live perfectly, but I will say Jesus will always be there to see you through it all. He'll be a friend that will stay closer than any brother. Turn to Him today in prayer and ask him into your heart. May God Bless

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