• Charles Moore

Looking Back When It’s Too Late:

Updated: Aug 16

Hello everyone I normally try to do a video but this afternoon while I’m not feeling the best, I am writing this one.

How often have we been through situations in our lives and we quickly realize what a mistake we made. As long as we are on this side of eternity it is for sure we will make mistakes. Some mistakes can be (as they say) swept under the rug while others can possibly stick with us for a lifetime. Of all the mistakes I could possibly put in my mind to remember, only one will make a difference when it comes to eternity. Let me be specific when I ask, what is your relationship with God?

Once again I say that while we are on this side of eternity, life has many escape routes we can take to avoid problems that may arise from our mistakes we have made beforehand. That of course is nothing less than hiding your sin. Folks, when we stand before God one day, there will be no way out of the decision you or I made in our acceptance of Christ as Lord of our lives or not. It is a decision that is as important now as it will be at judgment. As I said before, many decisions have I made in life and thought for a period that everything in time sill work itself out. Btw, that is a lie from the Devil himself. Satan wanted me to feel ok with what was going on in my life while all along I was headed down a dark smokey road to Hell. I’m glad the Lord convicted of my sins and allowed me to accept Him as Lord of my life before it was too late. How about you, have you turned your life completely over to the Lordship of Christ? What situation are you in life? Don’t you realize Christ can give you that peace you’ve been longing for all this time? Today is the day to make sure you know Christ as Savior of your life. Now is the acceptable time for salvation (2 Cor 6:2) Hope you are having a good day. We love you my friends and May God Bless

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