• Charles Moore

Living Spotless Lives:

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

I find in scripture that the Lord wants us to live life joyfully. Our joy comes from serving the Lord Jesus on a daily basis. Does that mean we have free reign to live as we want to and just be happy doing it? No indeed it does not mean that at all. I like what is found in Ecclesiastes 9:8 as an example of how to enjoy life properly."Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment." You may ask what does that mean? What that tells us in simpler words is that we should always live Holy lives. That doesn't mean we should wear white all the time, but it does show us that God expects Holiness from His children. What people should be seeing is Holiness each and every day in our lives. They ought to be able to see a pureness in our living. They ought to be able to see something different about you, and that ought to be Jesus. The ointment on your head is figurative to mean that we should live Holy before the Lord our God. Just let the world see Jesus in us. The smell of the ointment can be noticed wherever you go, and people should be able to tell you've been with the Lord. We don't have to put ointment on our heads to be right with God, but we should live a consecrated life and Live Holy.

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