• Charles Moore

Let God Handle It:

This morning I would let to share something that's on my heart. I listened this morning to someone who spoke a little bit about the story in scripture where Peter had fished all night long and caught nothing. Fishing was not a new thing for Peter as he had done so all his life. They say that fishing at night is the best time to fish and that's exactly what Peter had done. I'm sure he had become frustrated as the night progressed because not one fish had been caught. This was a big thing for Peter for he probably had big plans for all those fish he though he would catch. Yet as the story goes he caught nothing. Nada. He was empty handed. Early in the morning Jesus comes along and actually enters Peter's boat and urges Him to thrust out a little from land so as to teach the people. And Peter may have been frustrated with the night of fishing but he obeys the Lord and launches out. After Jesus had finished speaking to the people, Jesus tells Peter to launch out in the deep waters and cast out his net once again. In perhaps what might be Peters frustration speaking, he tells the Lord that he's been fishing all night long and has caught nothing yet at His command to cast his net, he'd do so. Again I say that it was a big thing to Peter that he has been out there all night long fishing and has caught nothing. What happens next is not because of the expert ability of Peter's fishing, but it was the miracle working power of God. Peter caught so much fish that his boat as well as another boat were as though they would sink. Yep, Peter Caught A Bunch Of Fish That Morning! Folks, sometimes our efforts in this Christian walk seems useless as well as time consuming. Yet it is times like these when we just need to let go of our ability and seek Gods. It doesn't matter how good we think we are in this life, sometimes we just need to take the net and drop it on the other side of the boat. Whatever the case may be... make sure God is leading you to do it. GodBless

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