• Charles Moore

Jesus is watching

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I would not be able to tell how many times my Mother would say to me over the years “Charles, Jesus is watching you.” Many of the pictures of Jesus have Him looking upward toward Heaven. Of course I know their are exceptions to that with poses in every direction. But yet I know God is watching over us at all times. In creation God was looking down as He made all things exist. On the cross of Calvary Jesus looked down from that cross upon those who meant Him harm. He also took time as well to look as His mother Mary and even toward John the Beloved. One day soon He’ll be riding upon a white horse positioned over the Mount of Olives in defense of His people Israel. It is here He begins His 1000 year reign on this earth in Jerusalem. Yes, God is looking down upon us even right now. Are we also looking back at Him. His look is a look of love but one day it will be of judgment. Be Encourage!!! God loves you... do you know Him today?

God Bless You

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