• Charles Moore

It's On Us:

Recently I was talking to a woman who has the responsibility of caring for some folk in a nearby group home. One of the residents of this home is a relative of ours who had been with us for a period of time that day. On the way to getting her back home she tells us she is hungry so we decide to get her something to eat. When we arrived at the home we could tell that the woman in charge was not happy she had gotten food especially when she was already in the process of cooking at the time of our arrival. I said we did so because she did not have any breakfast and was hungry. She let me know that it was her choice not to eat breakfast so her being hungry was totally on her. Well, after I gathered my thoughts on what she said, I finally came to this opinion. These people in this group home are there for a reason and on the most part need 24 hour care each day. Since this woman was in charge at the time, making sure they eat is on her and not the responsibility of the residences. So with that being said I believe she was in error with her thought process. She was wrong...

As I relate this to us Christians, each and everyone of us are like these folks in this group home. If it wasn't for the Lord who saved us one day and has watched over us 24 hours a day since the day we got saved, we'd certainly be in a mess. We're not perfect be any means as Christians yet if we mess up, God know how to get our attention. Their will never be a time when we'll be able to look at the Lord Jesus and say He did us wrong or that He had a wrong view about us that shouldn't be there. He is the all holy, all perfect, all knowing, all compassionate, ever present God in our lives and nothing has even ever occurred to Him at any time. He is God and He can and He will always take care of His own. I am glad I know Him as Lord of my life and I am ready for His return if it were to be this very day. God Bless!!

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