• Charles Moore

Is Love Still There? What does “love” mean to you? No doubt the list can get long. Everyone has their opinion and it will cause them to act whether right or wrong. You’ve heard it said that love is blind and the result of many a lesson has proven that so. I’m not here as an expert on love. I have nothing of myself that could reveal the formula for a lasting relationship except what God reveals. One thing I know is that many a relationship has failed because of some rottenness within. If you consider a mighty oak that has lived for many years, and all of a sudden it just begins to die. Eventually you decide to cut it down only to find rottenness in the middle. Over time the tree has formed a hollow space all the way down the center. Looked great on the outside, but the inside had wasted away. So many relationships have failed because the “love” has wasted away. I say don’t forget that first love you had. It was a fresh start then and it can happen again. No, I’m no expert on love but if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. Not every relationship is perfect for sure but we all can do our part to make it that way. And BTW... when you are at wits end with things, God is sitting on His Throne and is waiting on you to call on Him. He is only a prayer away. God Bless You All!!

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