• Charles Moore

Is It God's Fault?:

Not long ago someone said they blamed God for the death of someone they loved, someone who had died unexpectedly. When we don't have all the answers it becomes easy to place the blame where ever we can. Since man has been on the earth it is said that 108 billion people have been born on earth. Did you know that 108 billion have died? I'm sounding silly I know, but people die everyday for one reason or another and to blame God for any of them is very unreasonable as well as disrespectable to a Holy God. For anyone to blame God for anything is to say that God is in error and sin has been found in Him. WRONG!!!! Once again we ought to remind ourselves that God is Holy and without error. Please don't take me wrong, grief in itself does strange things to an individual at the lose of someone you love dearly. Jesus came to this earth to die and save sinners from a place called hell. He never did any wrong and no sin was found in Him. When we pray for someone we find that God either answers yes, no or perhaps wait. God may have answered your prayer because something worse may be on its way. We may not know till we get to the other side. If your loved one went to heaven, we can't bring them back but we can go to them . Are you ready for Heaven? Call on Jesus!!

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