• Charles Moore

Inspection Time:

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Let me give you a fictitious but ofttimes true scenario if I can. I am getting my car inspected at a local inspection station. I new my vehicle was in great shape so their was no worries. They took the car in and of course I just waited. After a time a gentleman came up to me and I was reaching in my wallet to pay. It was then that my “great vehicle“ world begin to change. I never knew anyone could find more wrong with a vehicle than this person did. The tread on my tires weren't good. My exhaust had a leak somewhere and my vehicle had a knocking and it wasn’t on heaven’s door. I went from a “happy camper“ to wanting to “tamper with somebody’s head.” (sorry, I got carried away)... anyway the point is my world changed and I didn’t see it coming. Perhaps you’ve witnessed this yourself at one time. Life can be that way at times with things going “great” and someone comes by and pops your balloon. Somebody can always seem to find something wrong. No, not everything is going to be perfect along the way but how we handle it makes all the difference. Be encouraged for you are not alone in this. God has promised to be in every situation of life. You can depend on Him through the good as well as the bad. God Bless!

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