• Charles Moore

In The Last Days:

I may not know much about who finished 1st in the big game or by how many points, but I do know I want to finish the race God has set before me and faith will get me there. Scripture teaches us that some come to Christ thru the fire while some come thru the flood but all thru the blood. Somebody say amen right there. We are living in a time when sin seems to have the upper hand but rest assured God in still in control of it all. I‘ve never been more discouraged about what’s going on in the world as I am today. Having said that though I am more encouraged in what God is doing in spite of the devil. God said it would be this way in time and that time has arrived. We are living on the threshold of Christ’s return and my question to you is simple... are you ready? Don’t let this life or it’s sin stop you from turning to Jesus. Christ is waiting on your answer so turn to Him today before it is too late. May God Bless!!

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