• Charles Moore

If you don’t feel God... Trust Him

Updated: Nov 17, 2019 When we think of Job and all he went through in his life, if we did not know any better, it would be easy for us to blame Satan for the open door of torment that Job had to endure while being inflicted in his trials. But as you read in the first chapter of Job, you find it was God who asked Satan the question “Have you considered my servant Job?” God was the one who had opened the door of affliction for Job’s life. It may seem a bit confusing to see the Lord do this, but it is God who knows all about us, and God knew the faithfulness of His servant Job. As God knows the beginning from the end of all things, God knew that Job’s main focal point in life was not himself or what he had in substance, but Job’s heart was set on God. No matter what Satan did to disrupt Job’s life, Job sinned not in any of his reactions toward God. We may not know what’s heading our way in life but God does. TRUST IN HIM!!

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