• Charles Moore

If Walls Could Talk: I was looking at some brickwork on an old building and wondering what it would be like if those bricks could talk. I could only imagine what they would reveal of the past. One thing is for sure, those bricks do speak in their own way for they have definitely stood the test of time. I believe how long the brick lasts depends upon the elements surrounding it of course, but the main factor is how the mortar was mixed when the building was constructed. You and I are the same way in this world. After years of this life beating down on us we also begin to look a little rough around the edges. That being the case, then how can we survive life’s pitfalls? It’s easy at times to want to give up, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve come this far because we have instilled within each of us the power to survive. You may say to yourself that you don’t have it anymore and there is no need to try. But I say don’t give up for the finish line is just in view. It’s just over that hill yonder so don’t stop now. We all have desires, wants, and wishes and some may never come our way. Nevertheless, don’t give up but persevere to the end. I remember my dad saying something to the effect that “Life is good if you don’t weaken”. This is my challenge to you today: Be encouraged, you’ve got this and by God’s grace you’ll succeed. God Bless!!

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