• Charles Moore

His Morning Handiwork:

This morning I am having my first cup of coffee. I’m looking across the yard thinking to myself that it will need to be mowed soon. As I continue to look across the yard I feel impressed to take an even closer look. It is early and the morning sun is shining across the top of the grass. The dew of the morning is spread upon the top of each blade of grass causing a glistening effect. The beauty of it can only be laid out In array by the Hands of a Holy God. It’s unique how you may only think to see such beauty at ten thousand feet above a rain forest somewhere yet God places it in front of us in our front yard. I say only God can do this array of beauty and only God’s children can see it the way He would have us see it. I say Glory to His Name forever. I am glad that I am His and He is mine. May God bless each of you this day.

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