• Charles Moore

He’s Not Here:

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

1st) Mary Magdalene whom The Lord had cast out 7 demons and who many believed was an harlot.

2nd) John (whom Jesus loved) who had laid his head on Jesus' breast and had followed The Lord all the way to the cross.

3rd) Peter (the Anger Management Expert) who denied The Lord those 3 times as Christ was being led off to be crucified.

You may have thought the order would have somehow been different who saw Jesus first after His resurrection. But God promised that whosoever will come, no matter the background. John tells us that even though he (John the Beloved) got to the tomb before Peter (because John outran Peter) it was Peter who went into the tomb before John. No matter who we are or our background, their is something about that cross and their is something about the tomb, for in that tomb death could not hold the Lord Jesus Christ. If you know Christ Jesus as Lord of your life, death has no permanent hold on you for Jesus defeated death, hell and yes the grave when He arose from the dead. No matter what your background is Jesus loves you and wants to give you life. If you don’t know Him today then call on Him right now. God Bless!!

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