• Charles Moore

He’s Coming:

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

My heart was challenged just a short time ago. Challenged with a video of a woman who had declared that she had an encounter with God and wanted to share with everyone who would listen. She was on a road running and said had what she thought was a vision. She could see Jesus in front of her yet the more she ran, the farther away He got. She said that even when she would run faster to catch up with Him He seemed to get far away from her. Her anguish was at an all time high and couldn’t understand what was going on. Finally Jesus stopped and turned and looked at her, taking her by the hand and said “you are putting so many things before me and it has separated you from me.“ Jesus told her that He is coming soon and much sooner than you think and we needed to put away those things that are not important and put Him first. Folks, isn’t that exactly what’s happening today with everything that’s going on. The pandemic, the marching, the riots, the destruction, the political scene and the list goes on. All of it has taken our hearts away from what’s really important that Jesus loves us and died for us and is coming soon and we need to be ready for His return. The bottom line is that in 500 years none of those things will be important except that you know Him as Lord of your life. We need to get our priorities in order. Don’t miss Heaven for this world for it’s not worth it. May God bless!!

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