• Charles Moore

Have Faith:

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I was recently reminded that you can try to muster up enough “faith” within yourself that you would think it possible to move any mountain that’s in your life. The problem is that it is not the amount of faith you have but it is the “object of your faith“ that moves God. The scripture tells us to HAVE FAITH IN GOD… yet we want to help God out a little. Sometimes it is as though we want to tell God how to do His business. If God‘s will is not to be accomplished then you faith is in vain. If God does not receive the Honor, the Glory, or the Praise in what is to be done then your faith is in vain. The next time we pray let’s just give it all to God for Him to do it according to His perfect Will. God knows what’s best in any situation and it is our responsibility to Trust God with it. I know the Apostle Paul asks the Lord three times to remove his thorn in the flesh and the Lord would not. Perhaps it was to keep Paul humble toward God. If God does not heal right now then believe God has a reason and a purpose. His timeline may not match up to ours but that’s okay… for God has this… we can trust Him. So once again I say…. Have Faith in God!!! May The Lord Jesus Bless You!!

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