• Charles Moore

God Has A Purpose:

With everything going on around us, if we could look deeper into the shadows we WILL find Jesus. Humanity seems to demand answers to why things have become the way they have. One thing is certain, God is not slack concerning what’s happening in the world today. He most definitely knows every minute detail of what’s going on. In the most darkest time in history God Has A Purpose for it all. God’s desire is for ALL men to come to repentance of sin and even now seek Him while He may be found. Jesus is getting ready to take His church out and when He does then this world will see a time of sorrow never witnessed before. Nothing is hid from the All Seeing Eye Of God. The Lord is tenderly calling souls to turn to Him daily in repentance. Are you ready to go to Heaven today? If you don’t know The Lord Jesus as Lord of your life then will you ask Him into your heart today. Don’t wait another moment for now is the acceptable time of Salvation. Call on Him even right now and your never regret it. May God bless you real good.

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