• Charles Moore

God Does All Things Well:

As I write this blog my heart is full as I consider how close it must be for coming of the Lord. I told the Sunday School class this morning that everything is continuing on just the way God said it would. The earth is still rotating from the west to the east and the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west. It’s a though God has an invisible thermometer stretched out over the eastern sky. The sun moves northward for 6 months to bring in the warm and moves southward for 6 months to bring the cold. As God has said these things shall be that’s how they are continually. So many things have changed along the way but God’s Word has never changed.

Not too long ago we made a comment that this world is leading itself down a dark smokey road to destruction. This earth and what’s in it won’t last forever yet God’s Word is forever settled in Heaven. With all the mistakes I’ve made in life I feel the least qualified to talk about the goodness of God and His Love so abundant and free. Yet it has nothing to do with my accomplishments but has everything to do with what Christ has done. All we had to do was look away from sin and look to the Savior of the world The Lord Jesus Christ. Just believing that He died on that old rugged cross for us, was buried and on the 3rd day arose from the dead victorious over death and hell and the grave. I don’t have faith in man to get me to Heaven. When I see my past all I see is defeat and failure so I can’t trust myself to get me to Heaven. But I can have Faith in God in all things because He will see me through. Yep, I’m Heaven bound with the hammer down…. Now how about YOU. God bless.

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