• Charles Moore

Fear Not:

I’ve never taken time to count them but it is said that 365 times you’ll see the phrase “fear not” in the Bible. That’s one for everyday of the year. Their is so much that happens over a period of a year that you’ll never know what you will be faced with from one day to the next. We can only wish that everything will be sunshine and roses but that’s not the way life is. One day you’re on a mountain top experience and the next day the world is crushing in around you. I’m glad to report that God says “fear not”. What an ever present God we serve and He is never too late. Martha and Mary had to wait four days after their brother Lazarus had died for Jesus to arrive yet I say that Jesus was right on time. Jesus is the one who calms the troubled waters of your soul. I have more good news for you because Jesus can still give peace to a troubled heart even today. Where is your heart right now? What are you trusting in right now as you read this? Remember, that standing somewhere in the shadows you’ll find the Lord Jesus. There is nothing too hard for God to accomplish. I say you can trust God for whatever you are facing. FEAR NOT FOR I AM WITH YOU! I believe Jesus is tenderly calling people to Him today. Is He calling you? If He is speaking to you, will you accept Him into your life and be saved today? I hope and pray that you will. God bless!

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