• Charles Moore


Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I was a young boy living with my family near Hillsboro, North Carolina back in the mid 60’s. I had completed the fourth grade and was waiting for the report card to come in the mail. I had worked hard during the year and was hoping for the best. The day came when mom and I went on our way to the mailbox which was over a quarter mile away. We lived back in the woods so it took a few minutes to get there. When we finally got there I decided to run ahead of momma to check the mail first. After seeing the report card had arrived, I quickly opened it and begin to examine what it read. After a few seconds I turned toward my mom asked “Momma, what does the word retained mean?” She looked down at me and said “It means you didn’t pass your grade son, I’m sorry.” Needless to say that had stuck with me for a long time after that. I had learned the thought of failure at a young age. Life is full of successes as it is full of failure. Folks, you’ve heard it said that when you fail, don’t give up but pick up the pieces and go at it again. You may be what someone else sees and decides to go that way. Make sure you are going for God and again I say make sure God is your primary focus. God Bless!!

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