• Charles Moore

Everyone's A Christian:

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Their was a time when telling someone you were a Christian meant you were a man or a woman of character. It meant that you had standards to live by that could only be accomplished by you living a life that parallels with how the Bible teaches us to live. Though the world has changed it's view on the Bible you can rest assured that the Bible has not changed it's view on how we should live. We now live in an all inclusive world with what appears to be no barriers that would hold us back from doing wrong. We certainly live in a do whatever makes you happy world and God is no-where in sight of accepting it. If it wasn't for the Word of God and the Holy Spirit convicting us of our sin then surely we'd all be lost forever. I say this because man does not have to live this way yet he chooses to. It is sad to see how people will interpret portions of the Word of God and go right on and live against what it says and not even blink an eye. Everything that was wrong at one time is now totally acceptable and everything that was right at one time is now totally wrong and they'll tell you that they'll be no arguing the matter. The worse part is that Satan has blinded their hearts so bad that they can't even tell the difference. Folks, turn to the Lord while he may be found.

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